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Our Story

A student spends 8 hours a day inside the school but still 35% of Grade 5 students in
India cannot read a Grade 2 paragraph. Parents blame teachers and the school for
poor education delivery; school blames parents for not paying attention to their child;
while the problem lies in the system – teachers spend 20% of their time doing non-
value add, compulsory paperwork. Teaching tools have not changed inside the school
for last 150 years even though we have more and more money pumped into the
education budgets. Parents have no tools to get timely feedback on their child’s
progress which limits their ability to take action on child’s overall development. Every
part of our life has been digitized except schooling.

That’s why we are building digital infrastructure for schools that will:

1. Automate paperwork; free-up time for teachers to focus on teaching activities
2. Deliver content in a personalized manner to each student through Digital
Learning Platform (DLP)
3. Keep parents updated on their child’s progress through a “Parent App”
4. Allow seamless communication among parents, teachers & school

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Sachin Gutte
Co-founder & Chief Belief Officer

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Ankita Potnis
Technical Advisor

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Satyam Avhad
Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer

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